Ubuntu 22.04 – Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth Headset

Quick success story: About a year ago, a combination of wireless USB mouse and USB port problem made me try something new. This was when I found out that unlike its predecessor, Ubuntu 20.04 supported Bluetooth HID devices such as mice and keyboards. So I switched over and no longer needed that small but still visible and slightly clunky USB wireless receiver.

A Bluetooth device that didn’t work well with Ubuntu 20.04 on my hardware, however, was my Bose Bluetooth headset. It would connect and work just fine, but one of my CPU cores would go into overload while the headset was connected. Since then I migrated to Ubuntu 22.04 and gave it a try on the same notebook again. This time around, everything worked well! No problems at all anymore when listening to music and using it for video calls also works like a charm. Even my Bluetooth Mouse and the Bluetooth headset work together at the same time. Very nice!