Where is that notes application for my S60?

The standard S60 notes program on my Nokia 6680 is just that, standard and just a little bit too basic for my needs. I don’t think the bar is set to high by wanting a notes application that lets me decide which name to give to a note, let me have more then a couple of hundred characters per note, have some basic cut/paste functionality and synch nicely to a PC.

I’ve surfed up and down the web to find a suitable program but came up pretty much empty handed. Sure, there is Quickoffice, which is just a little bit too much for what I need both in terms of functionality and price. The price would not even shy me away but the demo version refuses to run… SafeNote was another promising candidate. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to copy the notes to my PC. Nice try.

Can it be that there is no notes application available that fulfills my three criteria above!? Comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “Where is that notes application for my S60?”

  1. I am also looking for a better Notes application for Nokia 6680. Also, the standard notes does not synchronize properly – it overwrites the date of the note…

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