Your own MMS server at home

The multi media messaging service (MMS) is great to send pictures, videos and of course plain old text messages to other people. MMS is based on IP and the protocol is well standardized. If you ever wondered how MMS works or ever wanted to have your own MMS server at home (which puts your uploaded picture on a web page), here’s your chance:

Jonatan Heyman has written an MMS PHP script during an internship at Ericsson which can be placed on any web server that supports PHP. Only a couple of configuration changes on the mobile phone are necessary and the MMS is sent to your own web server instead of to the MMS server of your operator:

  • The URL of the MMS Server has to be changed to match the URL where the PHP script can be reached. The author has placed a demo script on his own website for those of you who are adventurous.  To upload a picture to his site, change your MMS Server URL to
  • Most operators use different Access Point Names (APN) for MMS and transparent Internet access. To be able to reach the PHP script on the Internet, modify the APN settings in the phone to allow the MMS application transparent access to the Internet. The WAP or MMS APNs usually do not work as the network is usually configured to only allow access to certain services in the operator’s home network with them.

Further PHP scripts on the topic can also be found at

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for linking to my script :).

    Just a small correction; I did the MMS Decoder on my own spare time. The work I did at Ericsson was not directly related to MMS technology.


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