3GSM: Business and Pleasure

In contrast to Cannes there are so many things to see in Barcelona in addition to the technology at the event which really is a huge plus. So we took the liberty for some sightseeing and relaxation and went to Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia cathedral (see pictures one and two).

In the evening another highlight of the day was the gathering of the Mobilist in the Hotel Ritz, organized by Rudy DeWaele. "It´s time to arrive before you are already there" I can read on the Treo advertisment just outside. That quite fits to that gathering. I met quite a number of people whom I only met via their blogs before and communication was instant. Thanks so much Rudy, I had many good conversations and surely met some people that I will keep in touch with. On picture three that´s Rudy on the left and David Mery of Symbian on the right

A Scottsman is playing a pipebag outside at the entrance of hall 2, so I feel the urge to join the masses again to discover, discover, discover…