The B-Side of Life

Josep M. Ganyet has put some interesting thoughts on his blog on the business cards of people  he met (including me) at the recent 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Josep says: "more often than not, you would be given a corporate business card and
instead of reading it carefully, you would flip it to see what was
scribbled on the other side, which usually was the URL of the card’s
owner personal weblog. The B-side".

His observation is right on the point. I put the address of my blog on the B-side of my business card for Josep and I have received many business cards that also contain the blog address of the owner on the back. While some people in the comment section of the blog entry have speculated if they should move their blog address from the front to the back of their business card, I just had the opposite thought. Companies are great because of the people that work for them. So if somebody wants to show some more of himself, why not put it on the front of the business card? Does some knowledge about whom you are dealing with hurt? Depends on the blog I guess… I for my part like to know a little bit more about the people I am doing business with and have no problem sharing my passions on mobile technology with them. More often than not, it enriches and tightens relations with customers.