EU To Take A Close Look On Data Roaming Fees As Well

A very early morning post today but this one is close to my heart. While sitting in the metro on the way to the airport I read an interview on my Nokia N70 with Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media on her quest to lower wireless carrier roaming charges in the EU. In the interview, the reporter of "Der Spiegel" asked her if the EU is also looking on roaming charges for data as the current tariffs are in no relation to the prices asked for mobile Internet access in the national markets. To my delight, Mrs. Reding said that she is quite aware of this and said that also more and more voices are heard from members of the European parliament who demand that this is looked into as well. At the moment, she said, the matter is with the EU council of ministers and the EU parliament who have to decide if the current investigation on voice roaming is extended to mobile Internet access while roaming as well. A good step in the right direction for international travelers like me who see their prices for wireless Internet access skyrocket as soon as they leave their home country.