Listening to Music and Podcasts in Noisy Environments

Phil over at S60 has written a post on recent software updates of some S60 3rd edition mobiles which reduces the volume of the device and how this affects the listening experience in noisy environments. I don’t have one of those devices but have had the same problems, especially in the metro or the airplane, where even a volume level that splits my ears when I am at home is not enough to overcome the noise level. However, there’s a solution:

Frustrated with the situation, I bought a set of noise cancellation headsets from Philips. Here’s a link to a similar pair. Mine cost about 40 euros. I was skeptical at first but after trying them out in the airplane and out on the street I am absolutely fascinated. When the noise cancellation is switched on, I can listen to podcasts on the airplane and on the street with the same volume level as at home. Incredible! In addition, the overall volume level required now is much lower which means it’s better for my ears anyway.

The headset has a standard 3.5" jack so I had to buy an adapter to make it compatible with my Nokia N70 phone. The adapter was 2 euros on eBay so it’s not really an investment.

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  1. Excellent! You know, I’ve seen this types of headphones around the shops and always wondered why they were so damn expensive. Now I know.

    And…it appears those don’t have those annoying black ear-cover thingys that pop off and get lost after 2 days of usage. Grrrr…that makes me angry! 🙂

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