Vodafone WebSessions Tested With A Nokia N93

In the previous blog entry I’ve taken a look at how to use the Vodafone Germany WebSession offer for data roaming with a PC. As a ultra-mobile roamer, however, I use my mobile phone almost as much as my PC when traveling. So the natural question is, are WebSessions also usable with the N93 on-board applications?

The simple answer is yes, but with a slight quirck 😉 As described in the previous entry a web session starts and is restarted by pressing the accept button on the WebSession portal in the web browser. This enables an "almost" transparent tunnel for IP traffic between the terminal and the Internet. Activating a web session with Nokia’s built in browser is easy and works flawlessly. Afterwards, all other applications in the phone can also use the connection so sending and receiving eMails for example works well.

So here’s the catch: It’s also possible to connect to the network from the eMail program. However, no data can then be transferred because each time the web session is entered again the portal web page has to be touched first. In order to use any other application the browser thus has to be started first to touch the portal page. Afterwards all other applications work. While at least one application is running to keep the connection to the network open the browser can be closed. As soon as the last application that requires Internet access closes, however, the only way to restart the session later on is to start the browser again first. Not very convenient, but practicable.

Another good thing is that a Web Session initially opened on the N93 can be re-used on the PC later on. This is very important to me since I usually use both devices throughout the day.