Let’s Prepare for 3GSM / Mobile World Congress 2008

Good preparation is everything, especially for the 3GSM / Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2008. I am sure there will be lots of events happening in and around the congress/exhibition and as always it will be a bit difficult to keep track of all of them and select the interesting ones. This is why I thought I’d open a Wiki for everyone to share information about events, parties, job offers/seekers, apartment sharing, etc., etc.

It’s open for everyone, no registration required for editing. If you like the idea, bookmark the site and check regularly. If you know of an event or if you are the event organizer, consider leaving a note and link on the Wiki. If you organize an event but don’t want to create a web page for it feel free to create a new page on the Wiki for the details.

I already have one job seeker whom you might be able to help out:

Booth Hostess / Event Organizer

A friend of mine is looking for a job as booth hostess,
event organizer, or similar during the congress. She’s fluent in English,
French, Italian and German. She’s a proficient Internet and wireless
technologies user so she’ll be able to represent your company in a professional
manner. For her resume, please send me a quick email to gsmumts (at) gmx.de

Oh yes, and before I forget the Wiki has RSS feeds for new and updated pages which makes keeping track easier.

If you like the idea, please spread the word on your blog, by eMail, word of mouth, etc. 🙂