Latest Flickr Mobile Phone Camera Statistics

Back in May I discovered that Flickr is producing ongoing statistics about the camera models being used for taking the pictures that are uploaded to their site. They also have a section dedicated the mobile phones with built in cameras. At the time, the N73 was a rising star, surpassing all other mobile phones within a matter of weeks.

Now, about half a year later, the statistics look a bit different. The current hot shot is the Nokia N95 followed, at some distance, by the iPhone! The Nokia N73 follows in close pursuit. The Sony-Ericsson K800i and K750i follow the pack. Interesting how quickly things change and that the dedicated camera phone of SE// are still not the front runners? I wonder if that’s got something to do with not having Wifi on board? But then, the N73 doesn’t have Wifi either!?

2 thoughts on “Latest Flickr Mobile Phone Camera Statistics”

  1. You’re right, SE phones should well be in front, their cameras are much more better than Nokia ones. I don’t see why iPhone should be there, only a 2-megapixel camera, barely comparable with N95 or N73. Maybe because it has Wifi?

  2. Re : camera quality. Depends on which SE & Nokia you are comparing. Personally I find the N95 to be better than K850i (which suffers from “logic error” for the flash which results in some totally dark shot).

    I think the ranking is influenced by several factors :
    1) sheer volume of Nokia devices in the market
    2) ease of uploading the pics directly from the phone (this is especially true for the iPhone)

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