University of Oxford – Future Technologies Conference 2008

Last year, people said the University of Oxford’s Future Technology conference was THE wireless event to attend in 2007 and I was sad to have missed it. Not so this year, as my ticket is booked and I am looking forward very much to an exciting conference day on the 18th of April.

In case you haven’t heard of the event yet, take a look at the official web site here. At last, I will meet Dean Bubley, Ajit Jaokar, Tomi Ahonen and Christian Lindholm in person, all speakers at the conference. Topics on the agenda range from Mobile Social Networking, iPhone Applications, user-generated content and advertising, mobile web 2.0 applications, mobile browser extensions, mobile search, etc., etc. I know Tomi and Dean sometimes have different opinions on a topic so I am especially looking forward to their debate 🙂

If you are reading this and planning to go to Oxford for the event as well, I am looking forward very much to meet you there!

In case you have to miss this opportunity, there are also a number of interesting telecom courses at the beginning of summer at the university which you might be interested in. In case you are in the WiMAX business, have a closer look at the 2 day WiMAX course that I will present together with John Edwards of Picochip and Chris Beardsmore of Intel.