WirelessMoves 2008: Top Five Posts

Another year comes to its end and like many others I feel the need to reflect a bit of what happened during this year in my personal world of wireless. I've decided to look at it from a couple of different angles and put each in a separate post.

One of the things that keep amazing me is the top 5 most read blog entries. For some of them I would have never thought they would make it to the list, but people out there in the Internet seem to think different:

  • Number 2: Nokia Smart Maps review. When I look at the Google searches that lead to this topic I often find the word "crack" and "license key". Hm, not quite what this post was about…


The list is quite interesting from several points of view:

  • None of these posts is from 2008.
  • The topics are very diverse. So despite this blog being a niche blog, it seems to serve quite a number of different niches.
  • I've written follow up posts in 2008 on most topics on the top 5 lists. For Wifi network tracing, I've written a post describing how to use an eeePC for the purpose, I've written extensively about 4G topics, air interface technologies, etc. but still, these older posts got more hits than those. I wonder if the Google search algorithm has something to do with it.

So, in case you can remember, which was your favorite post on this blog this year?