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Recently, I had an email conversation with a reader and he sent me a list of mobile phones he had in the past. Interesting memories coming up. I doubt my list is equally long but I think it is time to make my own so I won't forget. Here we go:

  • I started with a Bosch 738 (I am German, the French will get the irony)
  • A Siemens S25 (my first color phone)
  • A Ericsson T39 (my first GPRS phone (!), could only do static assignment, only worked in one network)
  • A Siemens S45i (GPRS worked well after a couple of software upgrades)
  • A Siemens S55 (browser, color screen, a couple of hundred KB of flash memory with file system!)
  • A Sony-Ericsson V800 (my first UMTS phone)
  • A Nokia 6630 (only used as a modem at the time)
  • A Nokia 6680 (First phone on which I discovered the power of S60)
  • A Nokia N70 (Natural evolution from the 6680)
  • A Nokia N93 (Bought because of the camera and the twist) 
  • A Motorola V3xx (initially used as an HSPA modem, today also as backup phone)
  • A Nokia N800 Internet tablet (o.k. not quite a mobile phone)
  • A Nokia N95 (my main phone today in 2009, bought because, well, because of everything 🙂
  • A Nokia N82
  • A Nokia 5000 (low end with color screen, used as phone and to test apps on an entry level platform)

And in addition:

  • I had a Palm 3, and two HP PDA's, discontinued to use them when I bought the N70, as I could do all the calendar stuff, etc. on the mobile phone
  • A Sierra Wireless 850 1.8 MBit/s cat 12 HSDPA PC-card modem
  • 2x Huawei E220 3G USB dongles (3.6 MBit/s cat 6 HSDPA) for Internet access. In use today. They might be a bit clunky by today's standards, but they just work in all networks I have used so far, which can't be said of other 3G sticks I tried.

There we go, the list is already longer than I thought 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Mobiles”

  1. Awesome list!

    For many years i have been a S60 Fan. I think that Symbian was the first, and only one OS for many time, specifically designed for Mobiles, i mean, phone is not an application running at the top of the OS as in many other mobile OS but is an integrated part of it. Now i moved to touchscreen mobiles; so far i haven’t tried the newest version implementing touchscreen.

    Right now I own an Iphone; I think it has revolutionized the industry of mobile phones by making finger-friendly touchscreen interface. However is worth mentioning that I consider that Nokia made the first attempt years ago with the Symbian s90 series.

  2. interesting list. clearly the world is different on this side of the atlantic… OVI, QCOM, SONY, BB, BB, BB, BB, BB

    on to Asia?

  3. Ahh, the s25; my first mobile email using a Palm m100. And then the T39: three bands to play with, so the Atlantic shrunk overnight along with the dinky GSM in my hand. Those were the days. And now the BlackBerry Bold makes email and Internet browsing a breeze – no more aligning IR ports or using expensive texts. Unless of course you work in my organisation and are supplied with a GSM still powered using coal!

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