The Vote is In: Old vs. New Media

National elections took place in Germany this weekend and if I had been at home and if I had a TV, I would have watched TV at 6 p.m. to see how things had gone. But I wasn't so I used my mobile phone to get the results. From previous experience I knew that the major news web sites could become quite overloaded at 6 p.m. so I used the built in FM receiver to listen to the six o'clock news for instant information. At the same time I also went to my favorite news web sites to see what they were saying. Here's the result:

My favorite one,, was overloaded at 6 p.m. only a nice little error message was presented. Number two, Die Welt, did not have the results at 6 p.m., too slow guys, sorry. But finally, number 3,, was both not overloaded (though a bit slow) and had the results I was looking for. I'd say that's still a clear tie between old and new media and shows that over-the-air broadcasting is still not out of date. For some things, the web is definitely not yet good enough.

Hm, maybe I should have tried Twitter, too!? Next time then.