3G to Wi-Fi Bridges are a Meeting Organizer’s Best Friend

Those who attend international multi-company meetings probably know the issue: How to get Internet access during the meeting so documents can be passed around (without a memory stick) and you are not cut from your daily flow of e-mails. If held in a company building, IT departments are usually less than under-motivated to provide proper Internet access.

But 3G to Wi-Fi bridges can help! Treat your company to such a device if you organize such meetings and the spirit in the meeting room lifts by 150%. When I recently attend a multi-day meeting, the organizer brought such a bridge along and even with 30 people using the connection for e-mails and web access it was nicely usable.

Agreed, if participants are all from the same country and are in their home country, they can bring their 3G sticks themselves. But as soon as international roaming comes into play that's usually no longer an option. Also, it helps to be in a country where prices per GB are reasonable because 30 people consume heavily.