Two Small Things I Like About the New iPhone OS

You won't find a lot of iPhone posts on this blog but this one I had to do as I've read that the new iPhone OS (4) in addition to some multitasking support has two interesting features built in that I wanted to have on my devices for years now:

  • The first one is a spell checker! Yes, a spell checker, it comes in handy when writing blog posts on the mobile.
  • The second one is a list that shows the applications that have used the GPS receiver recently. Great! And by the way: I wonder if the feature allows users to get an idea, when and how often Apple collects location based information in the background and sends it to one of its servers for its own use and for sharing with others (see for example here and here)!? That seems to go even one step further than what's allowed if the user agrees to the Android 'privacy' policy (see here).

One thought on “Two Small Things I Like About the New iPhone OS”

  1. now that AAPL has multi-tasking (yes we wait for the applications to catch up), spell checker, folders, GPS, etc, any change in thoughts?

    I converted from BB and I am still happiest with iPhone over any device I have used in the from both a personal and a enterprise point of view. Yes BB does some enterprise items better but the applications and speed on the iPhone make it superior.

    Your thoughts:) ?

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