Will the Clicking be Back with CPC?

One cool feature of UMTS compared to GSM is that you can't hear the interaction with the network when the mobile device is close to a radio or telephone conference equipment. This is because while GSM transmits bursts whose transmit on/off changes can be picked up by such equipment, UMTS transmits continuously in the uplink direction and as a consequence no annoying clicking sounds can be heard. With the introduction of Continued Packet Connectivity (CPC), however, this will change to conserve power. So I am wondering if CPC devices will again produce some sort of a clicking noise in other audio equipment!? I hope not… And in case it does it would be nice if CPC could be deactivated in the device. I know, highly unlikely that such an option will be put into devices but then one never knows. If a 'sexy' name can be attached to it someone might just do it. How about 'stealth mode' or 'undisturbed meeting mode'. I am sure marketing departments can come up with something better.

2 thoughts on “Will the Clicking be Back with CPC?”

  1. You should propose this option to 3GPP !

    I’ve worked on CPC computer simulation during 6 month and I really like the way you presented it and this fundamental question ­čÖé

  2. Deactivating CPC can be achieved by signalling a change of UE capability to the network (explicitly allowed since Rel-7).

    However, as CPC timings are highly configurable compared with SDCCH/SACCH, the operator may try to change the settings to make it less disturbing if it happens to be.

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