Hotel: Would Exchange Free TV for Free Wi-Fi

When you pay per night for a hotel room it usually contains the electricity, the water, the soap, new sheets for the bed and lots of other things. In most hotels, however, guests still have to pay for Wi-Fi Internet access, which often dissapoints afterwards because its slow as the DSL link of the hotel is far underdimensioned. So far so good (or not) but why is everything free while Wi-Fi is still not? How about putting a couple of rooms in place without a TV but where Wi-Fi or Internet access via an Ethernet cable is free? I'd be the first to take such a room as I almost never use the TV and in fact it's just taking up space unless you can use it as a second screen for your PC. So the hotel saves the cost for the TV and also the monthly fee they have to pay for each TV set to national broadcasting authorities. That should more than pay for the Internet connection and maybe even leave some money to invest in some more backhaul capacity. Yes, probably not an idea that will spread like a wild fire, at least not for now. But I keep hoping and expecting.