More Mobile Phones Than Toothbrushes in Use!?

Here's a link to a very interesting slide deck on mobile by Volker Hirsch he recently presented at the Forum Oxford Future Technology conference. A number that, I have to admit, only struck me afterwards is on slide 4:

  • Number of toothbrushes in use: 2.25 billion
  • Number of mobile phone subscribers: 4.6 billion

I assume the number of mobile phone subscribers is the number of subscriptions worldwide and as many people these days have more than a single subscription / SIM card, the actual number will be lower. But still, there seem to be more people on this planet with a mobile phone than a toothbrush!? That's a bit shocking. Mobile phones with built in toothbrushes? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “More Mobile Phones Than Toothbrushes in Use!?”

  1. Hi Kamil,

    thanks for the reply, a very interesting link! I wasnt aware that there are also dental sticks. So I wonder what the count then is when toothbrushes, dental sticks and whatever else there is for dental hygiene is put together and compared to the number of people having a mobile phone!?


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