MWC – 2011 The Year of Android On The Showfloor

Android-everywhere There have been years when Apple with their iPhone, despite never having been to MWC themselves was the buzz of the show. But this year, with Nokia shooting themselves out of the competition and WP7 being demonstrated more in corners of booths rather than up front, Android is the buzzword of the show. Android demos and products are everywhere, Samsung is pushing their Android based Galaxy S II throughout their stand, LG showing their 3D screen on their new android phone, Sony Ericsson doing their own thing, Android based pads at Motorola, etc. etc. Quite impressive.

One thought on “MWC – 2011 The Year of Android On The Showfloor”

  1. Martin, thanks for the coverage. See if you can spot any mobile phone hardware of the same top quality as the Nokia high end smartphones. Any Motorola Droid Pro devices there? How do they feel?
    Thank you Sir!

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