Phonebooks on Paper – For How Much Longer?

PhonebookToday I noticed that the company producing the local phone book and Yellow Pages has started distributing the latest edition of the 'paper version' to all households. I can't but wonder in how many households it will actually be used and in how many it will just be thrown away because smartphones and PCs have taken over the job!? How many more 'paper versions' will there be before it becomes economically non viable anymore!? I guess it will be rather sooner than later with smartphones now accounting for over half the mobile devices sold in Germany and other countries.

3 thoughts on “Phonebooks on Paper – For How Much Longer?”

  1. But don’t you just get a card through the letter box asking you to pop down to the local post office or (certain brand of) petrol station to pick one up? I certainly do here in Munich, and I’m sure they don’t print one per house anymore – the pallets don’t seem to contain enough for everyone, and they seem to stay full for a long time!

  2. here in Hamburg you get them without any cards just at the gazoline station 🙂
    But i cant remember when i got the last time a phonebook/yellow pages at home 🙂

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