Samsung Galaxy S-III Treardown

For those of you who are interested in the hardware of one of the latest high end phones, the Samsung Galaxy S-III, here are two interesting resources today if you haven't seen them already: Chipworks and iFixIt have pictures and descriptions of what's inside here (for textual descriptions and zoom in images) and here (for high-resolution overall images). Interesting points they discuss:

  • The Samsung Exynos (ARM) application processor also includes the RAM, i.e. memory no longer requires a separate chip.
  • The baseband (radio) chip is made by Intel (Infineon). According to Chipworks its the same chip already used in the SGS-II.
  • A 16GB Flash memory chip. Interesting to note here is that the chip is bigger than the application processor chip as can be seen in one of the images.
  • A separate Wi-FI chip and a separate GPS chip.
  • 3D accelerometer and gyroscope are in one chip, the electronic compass in another one. Downright incredible, a 3D gyroscope in a small chip.
  • An NFC chip by NXP.
  • There is a specialized audio chip of Audience to enhance voice call quality.
  • And there's a dedicated chip for other audio applications (music?) from Wolfson. They also claim in their press release that their chip can do voice call quality enhancements. I wonder how that comes together with the Audience chip!?

Chipworks mentions that as soon as the North American LTE variant with a Qualcomm baseband is available they'll do a similar exercise. It's going to be interesting if they'll just replace the Intel basband or use a Qualcomm SoC solution that includes the baseband, the application processor and perhaps a couple of other functions that are on separate chips in this variant.

Hat tip to Stefan Constantinescu over at IntoMobile.