What’s My Personal Bits per Second Count?

Recently I was wondering how much data I transmit and receive per month over the Internet and how much that would be on average. Here's the math:

When looking at statistics at home and at work I can see that I transfer around 30 GB a month over fixed and mobile networks. 30 GB, that's 30.000 MB or 30.000.000 kByte per month. Divided by 60 seconds * 60 minutes * 24h * 30 days that results in 30.000.000 [kB/month] / 2.592.000 [seconds/month] = 11.57 kByte per second = 92.6 kbit/s.

Wow, 92 600 bits per second 24h a day, that's much more than I thought!

2 thoughts on “What’s My Personal Bits per Second Count?”

  1. when you state it that way, it is very interesting. especially since it was not that long ago that you could not even get those bit rates at your house! 🙂

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