Hello Jolla!

With Nokia in self destruct mode and having moved away from open source and free as in freedom operating systems I had little choice so far than considering the move to another main stream platform, i.e. Android. But perhaps there is some hope yet, as a number of ex-Nokia employees have taken up the challenge of continuing the appraised but abandoned Meego platform and make something new out of it, outside Nokia.

According to reports such as here and here, the company was founded last October and has recently been named Jolla. With 50 employees already on board, the company aims at releasing details on the first device they want to come up with in the next couple of months. Being based on Meego and 'open source' being mentioned in the interview linked above there will perhaps be another choice for an individualist like me who prefers an open source niche platform over the mainstream. Apart from the obvious engineering, graphical user interface and intellectual property challenges I wonder how they want to make a profit out of a a relatively small number of devices they are likely to aim for at the beginning!? This is something that many other companies have and still do struggle with today.

So based on the few details known so far they surely have my vote and I wish them all the best and great success in their venture!