Apache and Fedora In The Air

Inflight-entertainmentEveryone occasionally flying long-haul has probably experienced it before: The crappy in-flight entertainment system crashes in the middle of a movie and restaring the Windows-CE based system usually takes the better part of half an hour. Once restarted, navigating through the menu structure is still slow but often the movies work again. But it seems Windows is on the retreat here as well and not only in the church. Recently I've flown on a new Airbus that must have just rolled out from the factory in Toulouse. The in-flight entertainment system was behaving snappily to user input but had a little burb as well. A bit of an annoyance but it revealed what it's running on. Fedora (Linux), Apache Web server and pages generated using PHP. Apache 2.0.54 is just 7.5 years old (see here) but it seems to do the job, when it finds the information required, that is. Anyway, an interesting insight.

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