Bluetooth Revival With PC Connectivity

Over the years my use of Bluetooth for various purposes has significantly diminished. With the advent of Wi-Fi tethering that I wished for back in 2006 when the first phones with Wi-Fi connectivity were pioneered by Nokia (see here and here) and a few years later realized on the Android platform, my Bluetooth use became occasional at best. I tried Bluetooth headsets every now and then but was always disappointed with their range and I just don't listen often enough to music on my smartphone to have made it worthwhile to buy a Bluetooth enabled stereo headset. Also for transferring pictures or files from mobile devices to my PC or vice versa, Bluetooth was mostly not an option because I always needed a dongle on the PC side. The time this takes was usually the same as removing the SD card from the smartphone and inserting it into the PC or plugging in a cable to access the pictures from the simulated SD card provided by the generic SD card driver that Android provides. My new PC, however, now provides for the first time a built-in Bluetooth transmitter and due to no longer having to plug-in anything, I have found myself using Bluetooth again for quickly moving files and images back and forth if there is only one or two files or images involved in the transfer. A late renaissance of the technology as Wi-Fi direct still doesn't seem to take hold (see here, here and here).

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth Revival With PC Connectivity”

  1. Good tip, mate,
    My solution for file transfer is Android FTP Server app coupled with Filezilla client.
    I can run FTP Server on my handset and I have profiles in Filezilla for both my work and home networks.
    Really easy to use and very fast.

  2. I use Bluetooth headphones in the gym. With no wires, they are tangle-free. The range is over 10m, but I have noticed that my older blackberry had better reception. The sound quality is acceptable even without aptX.

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