Bluetooth Revival Part 3 – Rental Car Experience

In my series on my renewed enthusiasm about Bluetooth (see here and here) I can surprisingly add another entry: Even though it is every now and then amusing to listen to advertisement on the radio I do get bored and annoyed after a while. When recently renting a car for a day and driving overland I got to this point quite quickly. But then I noticed that the car was equipped with a Bluetooth interface for music streaming and telephony. The pairing procedure was not for the faint hearted and one should deny the car's request to access the phone's address book but once done I could stream my music from the phone to the on-board audio system – without advertisement interruptions. Excellent! Voice telephony was also integrated in the system as incoming calls were alerted over the car's loudspeakers.

One thought on “Bluetooth Revival Part 3 – Rental Car Experience”

  1. Since we bought a new car in june (an asian one, for the record) i am also again using bluetooth. The integrated radio also features a handsfree and music streaming. Very comfortable 🙂

    But for the music i prefer to plug a usb thumb drive into the usb port – its simpler 😉

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