The GSM Power Socket in Action – For The First Time

Power recovery in actionBack in May, I've bought a GSM enabled power socket to be able to reset my homecloud from abroad should something become stuck. Since then everything has been extremely stable and I didn't need it once. But then while I was abroad on vacation recently there was a power failure, quite a rare event and the first one this year. I noticed it quite quickly of course because my RSS server stopped responding.

What I found odd was that I didn't get a warning SMS from the GSM power socket as I've tested the functionality in the past and it was working then. There are a number of explanations for this, one of them being that the power outage was a bit more widespread and the GSM base station was also affected. I then sent a status query which was not answered. That had me worried for a bit. But at least I got an sms immediately after power was restored 50 minutes later.

The figure on the left shows how I queried the power status when I noticed that something was wrong and got no answer at first. The following two messages were then received once power was restored together with an answer to my initial status query that was stored in the SMS service center in the network an delievered once power was restored.

Hm, perhaps I should start thinking about buying a USV now. But even if my homecloud at home stays up I wonder where the DSLAM in the street gets its power from… There are some things that are just out of your hands…