20 MHz in Manhattan – I’m Surprised

With a few hours to spend before flying back to Europe, I went to New York’s impressive public library for inspiration and contemplation. While I was there I also ran a quick trace of how much spectrum is in use for LTE by network operators in the area.

Manhattan’s a busy place so I was expecting some serious network deployments there. To my big surprise, I found that quite the contrary was true. Even one of the bigger network operators only had two 10 MHz channels deployed for LTE. Even with carrier aggregation that’s ‘only’ 20 MHz. Compared to the 50 MHz deployments you can now find in Germany from a single network operator in all bigger cities that’s not much.

Another myth busted.

2 thoughts on “20 MHz in Manhattan – I’m Surprised”

  1. Interesting, Martin.
    Do you have some kind of tool or app that you use to detect how many carriers and layers an Operator has?

    1. There are programs for sale with which you can do this but I can’t recommend any particular one. Google will tell you more.

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