Book Review – Artemis

Back in summer 2015 I read “The Martian” by Andy Weir and I found it so extraordinary that I read it in 2 days flat. I can’t remember when I’ve done that the last time. Now his latest novel is out: Artemis. I didn’t actually notice it at first, my ad filters seem to work pretty well. But then, he was interviewed by Leo Laporte on Triangulation and what can I say, I was instantly convinced to get a copy of his latest novel as well.

The story this time is about a colony on the moon and the story starts in pretty much the same way as in his previous book: All hell breaks loose for the protagonist. Unlike in his previous book, however, he lets things cool down a bit every now and then to give the reader a bit of breathing space.  I guess I was secretly hoping for something that would rival the Martian in terms of addiction, but Artemis did not do that for me. Make no mistake however, I really liked the story line, went through the book within a week and had to read the finish in one piece and start work a bit later that day than usual. So for all of you who enjoy a good book that mixes science fact with science fiction and a good story, Artemis is definitely a book to pick up!