Windows Notebooks No Longer Fit For Their Purpose In Meetings

A quick observation today about people coming to meetings with their tablets rather than their Windows based notebooks. So far my crude analysis was that those are the people in companies that mostly need a screen to access and consume information. To them, a keyboard for typing in longer texts quickly and efficiently is a rather optional thing, especially in meetings. But there is one more thing Windows notebooks like to do, especially if they are centrally administered: Not do what you want, especially when you use them to present something during a meeting.

I can’t count the times when I’ve seen people hooking up their notebooks to projectors in a meeting and a few minutes later the daily virus scan brings the notebook and the presentation to its knees. Or those automatic upgrades that require an immediate reboot just when you come to the central point of your presentation. Or the informative pop-ups whenever a new email comes in to humor the audience. Now fast forward to tablets and you have none of these problem!

More and more, projectors in meeting rooms are replaced by large TV screens and wireless connectivity. From a security point of view I find this rather concerning but people love it, it’s fast, it’s convenient. The big advantage here is that tablets often connect to those systems pretty easily without additional hardware.

Yes, with so much software bloat, I can understand why many people no longer bother to bring their notebooks to meetings.

2 thoughts on “Windows Notebooks No Longer Fit For Their Purpose In Meetings”

  1. I really “love” those USB connectors of these big LCD/TV Screens in meeting rooms.
    Still can not understand why corporate IT Security does not forbid this practice… Who can guarantee for the integrity of these USB Dongles?
    Is plugging HDMI cable really so hard?
    Ahh i get it… we still need to agree whether we want to have HDMI or Display Port… 🙁

  2. returning from recent 3GPP RAN meetings, I see more and more people bringing both a laptop and a tablet. Some may use the tablet for information browsing and the laptop for editing, others use the laptop for VPN tunneling back home and the tablet for Internet access. In the end, none of such reasons are really flattering to the state of technology.

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