The Future of Microprocessors

Interested in the past, present and the future of microprocessors? If so, the video of Sophie Wilson talking about the ‘Future of Microprocessors’ at Juliacon is a must see! In case the name Sophie Wilson doesn’t ring any bells, have a look at what Wikipedia says about her.

Her presentation will not only tell you about the history of microprocessors but also why performance hasn’t really increased in the past years, the reasons behind this and why the price per transistor on a chip has started increasing again with further miniaturization instead of further decreasing, which has fueled Moore’s law for the past decades. And most important she will give her educated opinion on where we will go from here.

One thought on “The Future of Microprocessors”

  1. This is cool: while everyone wants to move into the cloud, running SW on uniform numbercrunching CPUs, the real future of CPUs is back to purpose-built hardware. Irony of history!

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