Lenovo Thinkpad BIOS Update Games – Reloaded!

Early in 2023, I wrote a blog post about the different levels of BIOS upgrade support for Linux by Lenovo for their different notebook lines. T and X series get excellent support, and now, in late 2023, I have received the first BIOS upgrade for my Lenovo T14 Gen 4 (Intel), which was just recently launched. I was positively surprised the OS offered me to install the upgrade, because I’m running Ubuntu 22.04, which was released last year and well ahead of this notebook.

The screenshot above shows how the “Ubuntu Software” (updater) app announced the firmware update. I have automatic updates turned off by default so I could choose the time when to install. The firmware update file itself had a size of around 29 MB, so the download was quick. After a reboot, the firmware update installs itself before the OS is booted and takes around 5 minutes. A very nice experience, and it’s good to see how the firmware update process has nicely improved under Linux over the years! Kudos to all involved!

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