Starlink: Reactivation after 9 Months

After my Starlink excursions last year, I put my subscription on hold for a while, because I didn’t need the system over the winter. But summer is coming again and it was time to have a look if it is as easy as promised to wake up the system again. Interestingly enough, prices have changed, some for the better, some for the worse.

And indeed, reactivating my Starlink kit was as easy as promised. After applying power, the system connected to the satellite network again as usual and the app on my smartphone told me after about 2 minutes that connectivity was reestablished and that I had to activate a plan again. I could either do it directly over Starlink, which I should have done just for the fun of it, or also via the Starlink web page over an existing internet connection. I did the later, because I wanted to use the notebook and not the smartphone, and the notebook was still connected to my ‘earthbound’ connection. A pity, I should have tried to use the notebook over the Starlink connection for this. Well, next time.

Reactivation worked smoothly. After updating my credit card details and selecting a tariff, Internet connectivity was restored in about 5 minutes. While last year, the ‘roaming’ tariff that enables Starlink use all over Europe (non-moving) cost 100 euros a month, the prices has been lowered in the meantime to 59 euros. Cancellation is still possible at any time at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Let’s have a look at other prices: If I bought the hardware this year I would have to pay 349 euros. Last year, I got my Starlink equipment for 299 euros. Also interesting: There is a one time 199 euros activation fee for the ‘roam service’, i.e. the use of Starlink at more than one location. However, when one orders the hardware together with the ‘roam service’, the extra 199 euros are not billed. A bit strange.

And then there’s a new option: There is now an equipment rental option 10 euros a month instead of buying it (+20 euros for shipping). However, this only seems to be available with the 50 euros monthly option that enables use at a single place only. So well, pricing remains flexible…