Nokia 6300i: WLAN and VoIP move to Mid-Range Phones

I just saw Nokia’s announcement of the 6300i and had to take a closer look. While I am more of a fan of their Nseries devices, the announcement nevertheless caught my eye since the 6300i includes WLAN for browsing and VoIP.

While Nokia’s website doesn’t (yet) confirm that VoIP equals a SIP client (and not UMA), it looks very much like it since the WLAN doesn’t seem to be inside for UMA and can be used as a standard Internet connection.

Interesting how fast those two high end features have moved to the mid-range sector and another sign VoIP over Wifi might soon become the norm rather the exception. I hope carriers are starting to think of a couple of alternatives to removing the VoIP functionality in their firmware version soon. Here are some suggestions.

Also on board of the S40 based phone is Nokia Maps as a Java application, another high end feature moving down to a mid-range phone at the lower end with a recommended retail price of around 200 euros (according to Teltarif).

Does anyone have experience with the S40 music player? If it’s good I can very well imagine this phone addressing a large audience.