Opera Mini Statistics Update Q1-2008

Ever since discovering Opera Mini I am a glowing fan and have rarely touched another mobile web browser since. I've reported some statistics after the MWC in February and it looks like the user adoption continues to grow rapidly. Today, I discovered a report on the Opera web site which gives a number of interesting details as of the first quarter in 2008. Here are some highlights:

  • Current number of downloads: 44 million
  • Number of users in March 2008: 11.9 million, 26% more than in the previous quarter
  • Number of transcoded pages in March: A staggering 2.4 billion, 57% more over the last quarter
  • 11.9 million users generated 33 million MB of data in one month. That's about 2.7 MB per person. Let's do some maths: 33 million MB that's 33.000 GB or 33 Terabyte [corrected from PB, 2/2009]. Now if you take that number, divide it by 30 days, 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds and multiply it by 8 (bits), that requires a bandwidth of 100 MBit/s. In practice the number is probably even higher since usage distribution is probably not the same throughout the day, despite OperaMini being used globally.
  • The required bandwidth above is only to the user side and does not include loading the full page to the opera servers first and then compressing it. It's difficult to say how much extra bandwidth this takes since pages are compressed by 90% but a lot of content is probably cached and is thus not retrieved from the web site every time it is requested.

With that growth I wonder how they can keep upgrading their data center for the transcoding, increase their internet bandwidth and still keep the service free!? I am using OperaMini a lot and the transcoding is always fast so they seem to be able to keep up with the task.Thanks Opera, your OperaMini is my application no. 1 on my N95.

Found via: MoMo Indonesia

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  1. Hi Martin,

    I am a big fan of Opera Mini as well. I am still on the outdated E61 (but it has a QWERTY keyboard) and before I found Opera Mini, I had to go through a lot of pain to check my emails. It solved my web browsing problems and made my experience of browsing on phone much better. I wont be surprised if Nokia or Google buys them out in future as it would fit well with their business model.


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