The Wireless Desk

Interesting self observation: I regularly use two computers, one notebook at home that remains on the desk 99% of the time and is fully wired to the local infrastructure (mouse, printer, scanner, power supply, etc.) and a netbook I use a lot while traveling and commuting. One of my printers has a Wi-Fi interface while the other one only has a USB connector. So while I use both printers from the notebook that is always on the desk as it is connected to both permanently anyway, I only use the Wi-Fi enabled printer from the netbook.

Not that it is a lot of effort to unplug the USB cable of the other printer and plug it into the netbook but it is really very inconvenient compared to just clicking on the 'print' button on the netbook and the page magically appears on the printer without any further action. And I can even print from another room if I happen to use the netbook somewhere else for a change. Also, I use a wireless mouse with the netbook so there's no fumbling with the cable of the mouse when I get the netbook out of the bag.

As Internet connectivity runs over Wi-Fi, too, the only cable that remains for the moment is the power cable. Some early solutions for this are also in sight with induction based chargers that are now sold for mobile phones (e.g. the Touchstone for Palm Pre) and currently standardized in the Qi Wireless Power Consortium. I'd really like to have that for my netbook as well. Just put it on the table when coming home and it magically recharges without any further action to be taken.