Raising the Shields – Part 3: PRISM Break

It's quite obvious that privacy and anonymity doesn't come built into most computing and online products today. I hope my 'Raising the Shields' posts are giving you some ideas and background information what is possible and what you might want to use yourself both while mobile and at home.

While doing some research I came across an interesting site called 'PRISM Break – Opt out of PRISM, the NSA's global data surveillance program'. Lots of great links there to programs that protect your privacy online in areas such as web browsing, email, search (ever head of Duck Duck go!?), maps, instant messaging, voice and video calling, cloud storage, etc. etc. etc.

I immediately found half a dozen tools I haven't come across so far and that I definitely want to try out in the weeks to come. So head over and have a closer look!