A 250 GB SSD for 35 Euros

Entry level SSDs for upgrading old PCs are becoming insanely cheap these days. When I recently upgraded a 10 year old PC from Windows to Ubuntu, I also used the occasion to replace the aging hard disk with a new SSD. At first I wanted to look for an HDD+SDD hybrid drive as I have done in a previous ‘upgrade’ because they were cheaper than pure SSDs. Quite to my surprise I noticed that such a compromise is no longer necessary.

After SSD prices have remained stable for a very long time, they are now almost on a free fall and 250 GB SanDisk SSDs are now available for 35 euros, including tax and shipping. This is great news to keep old PCs running longer as it is often people who would rather keep their 10 year old PCs running that can’t spend a lot of money in their hardware. Prices are so low now that 2.5″ hard disks with the same capacity have simply vanished from the market. 3.5″ variants for desktop PCs are still available for 18 euros, again including tax and shipping.

P.S.: Prices for 2 TB SSDs have continued to decline as well. When I bought a Samsung 2 TB SSD just a month ago I paid 320 euros for it. I bought another 2 TB SSD from SanDisk a few days later for around 250 euros. After that, prices increased again somewhat for a week, but just now I bought the same model once again for 199 euros, including tax and shipping.