When Did I Stop Using… Harddisks

I had a few posts recently about declining prices for Solid State Disks and I noticed that I actually stopped using hard disks at home many many years ago already. But when did this trend actually start?

I had a look at my purchase history which revealed that I bought my first 500 GB SSD in January 2013, i.e. 6 years ago. So breathtaking was the difference that I updated a second PC at home just a month later. The next 500 GB SSD for yet another computer followed in May 2013 and an upgrade to a 1 TB SSD for my main computer became necessary in 2014.

1, 2, 4 TBs

I then kept using SSDs with a capacity of 1 TB until March 2019 because prices for for 2 TB models remained above 600 euros for many years. A quick decline started only recently. In only a few months, prices came down to less than 200 euros, including taxes and shipping. Samsung has now started to offer 4 TB models for around 630 euros, the price that only half a year ago had to be paid for a model half the size.

Beware of Soldered SSDs

As data keeps piling up, its just a matter of time before another upgrade becomes necessary again. When you buy a notebook today, make sure the SSD is not soldered to the board as there is no easy way to upgrade once you feel the need.

6 years already, it didn’t feel that long…